In the Ohara and Katsuura factories, for imported coho salmon from Chile and some other salmon and trout species, through our original manufacturing processes by the latest equipment, the uniform salted fillets are reprocessed. Moreover, to maintain the quality and the safety of food in our factories, the HACCP method, an international food hygiene management technique is implemented. Furthermore, International Standard ISO22000:2005 for food safety management systems was acquired in March 2010. It strictly controls every single sanitary requirement at the same high level throughout the factory. Employee's hand washing methods and clean appearance are closely adhered to. In addition, the bulletin board displays pictures and graphics of best hygiene practice to remind and reinforce the importance of maintaining these high standards to all employees. Moreover, regular meetings on various procedures for sanitary management are held so that all employees keep highly conscious of this important issue. Bacteriological examinations and the sensory testing for salinity are executed to ensure the quality of the products, are conducted by the Quality Control laboratory within the facility. Nishikawa will deliver the finished products, thorough sanitary control, and detailed care to the customers safely and securely with the delicious fresh taste.

From strictly controlled factories for safe and secure products, delicious fish is delivered to the table at home.