The priority for Nishikawa Co., Ltd. is how to achieve better customer satisfaction. It appreciates the heritage of the region being development over many generations. Nishikawa Co., Ltd. makes a positive contribution to this society by it's dedication to excellence in customer service.

齋藤 広司 


1860 (Bunkyu era) Began trading as Kaisen-donya, which is a wholesaler conducting provisional procurement.

1954 Established Limited Company Nishikawa.

1979 Nature of business changed as Nishikawa Co., Ltd.

1990 A new refrigeration factory established in Katsuura.

1997 The fresh fish facility in Katsuura introduces an automatic  weighing scale.

1998 Trading rights are granted for the Tokyo Central Wholesale Market and the Tokyo Business Office in Chuo-ku is established.

2000 The market and management office headquarters was established at Katsuura fishing port.

2004 Tokyo Business Office moved to Toyomi-cho, Chuo-ku.

2006 Established Ohara factory in Isumi-shi.

2010 Solid automatic refrigerator expansion at the Ohara factory. Acquired 'ISO22000:2005' certification from the German standards organization for the Katsuura and Ohara factories.

Yamasan- Nishikawa was established in 1860 as a "Kaisen-Donya" which is a wholesale cargo vessel dealer. At that time, the shipment and processing of wholesale fresh fish was our business. Saba's landing was the main place in Katsuura fishing port where the big catches were offloaded. Katsuo-ipponzuri ( a single hook fishing method for skipjack) fishing boats would call to load ice for the cold storage. In 1961, the predecessor of the company's founder, Mitsumasa Saito, became acquainted with the Katsuo ipponzuri fleets in Kesennuma, Miyagi ken, and began to attract the fishing fleets to the Katsuura fishing port. By chance this was an opportune meeting that would create benefits for the long term future, effectively altering the history of the Katsuura fishing port for the common good. Consequently Katsuura is the leader in landing the skipjack fish harvest. Moreover, since around 1980 we began direct distribution to volume sellers as well as developing sales routes for central and local markets. Since we formed an association with the tuna boats in 1998, our business has been divided between Kaisen, the skipjack boats from spring to autumn and tuna boats from autumn to spring. Looking back on the development of our business, our ethos "Kizuna-the bonds between people", consistently have been mutually beneficial. Mindful of this important ideal, each employee works with self-recognition to fulfill the facet of our company. We have progressed consistently through Kaisen, wholesale fresh fish and seafood processing. Achieving the highest quality and safety of the products is paramount in our company operation.

In 2010, both the Katsuura and Ohara facilities acquired ISO 22000:2005 certification. Our products can be traced through every single process up to and including final delivery to the customer. In order to deliver the fresh taste to your tables, constant efforts are maintained day by day under safe and secure food administration, to ensure quality.