With mutual trust and cooperation between ship owners, boatmen and mariners, the latest information on fish shoals can be provided promptly resulting in the landing of viable catch. Kaisen business also has a duty of care to fisherman and boats in place of the ship owner when they are away from home ports, until the completion of the fishing season.


Our company has attracted the fishing fleets of Katsuo ipponzuri and Katsuo long-lining to Katsuura fishing port. Facilitation takes part in every matter related to the ships and the crews such as landing assistance, the administration of landing fees, ship repair, food and fuel replenishment and promptly responding to accidents or sickness on the boats. Since there is a strong relationship of mutual trust established, we are in close contact with the fleets and the shipping companies. Thus accurate haul information is acquired promptly, thereby making Katsuura fishing port an attractive base for fishing fleets. Procedures are regularly checked for improvement such as the status of the port, landing times are decided, and the fishing boats arrive early next morning with everything completed before daylight. Each fresh fish is inspected for any damage and weighed. Refrigeration throughout all of the processes involved is an important factor to keep the freshness intact. Through skillful landing practices we fulfill the promise of fresh fish keeping them under ice in a low temperature tank. The thorough administration and maintenance of product freshness is the important key to deliver fresh fish to the customer.