​​The department for Kaisen concentrates on maintenance of the fishing vessels and building the confidence of the fisherman who wish to be highly rewarded for their efforts. The department for Fresh Fish is a brokerage buying quality fish with lower prices. Since there are two functions in one company, a perceived conflict exists through inconsistency between buying and selling. Consequently, with integrating "real time information" from various sources such as maritime information by the Kaisen Department and that of the other fishing ports provided by the Fresh Fish Department, a fair market price for the fish catch can be calculated. This is the reason why connoisseurs of our products have enormous trust in our company. In addition, since it's possible to disseminate accurate information on the fish catch, volume sellers can plan their sales approach in advance and can promote sales to customers with direct advertising approaches.

Basically, the best way to enjoy the tastes of fresh fish at home or in a restaurant is by refrigerated delivery. Moreover because Nishikawa has both Kaisen and Fresh Fish Departments, an ideal and complementary combination can be achieved. It is a thorough "cold chain". Our company lands the fresh fish refrigerated from the fishing vessel at a prompt speed, distributes the product to the auction market with containers filled with ice, and uses an automated packaging. "Per second speed" is achieved during the process of putting the fresh fish with ice into the box. Refrigerated trucks of Nishikawa then transport the fish to the clients immediately.

"Cold chain" is a champion of the system whereby the freshness of the fish is preserved throughout the entire process by the ice filled containers. This excellent procedure ensures that our customers savor the fish with the best taste.