Originally, shipping and processing of mackerel purchased as fresh fish, was the main industry for Katsuura fishing port. The Katsuo fishing fleet for a long time had used it only as an ice replenishment ground. In the summer of 1961, an opportunity arose in Kesennuma of Sanriku, prompting the predecessor of Nishikawa's founder, Mitsumasa to start attracting the Katsuo ipponzuri fishing fleets to the port. He visited Kochi and other fishing ports in the neighborhood to become familiar with the fishermen there and invited them to land in Katsuura. The traditional fishing ipponzuri discovers the Katsuo schools by observing flocks of seabirds gathering over certain areas of the sea, distributes the ground bait and catches the Katsuo with a single hook fishing rod. It's a fight in real earnest between fishermen and the school of Katsuo. Since these fishing boats capture only a percentage of the school, the amount doesn't create an imbalance in the natural world and is enough for the needs of the people. The Katsuo is a beautiful fish particularly the skin and the eyes. The taste is especially delicious of those captured by ipponzuri method. Nishikawa Co., Ltd. continues to honor Mitsumasa's will and strongly supports the Katsuo Ipponzuri.

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Today, Katsuura city has the epithet "Katsuo's town" and is famous all over Japan. The Katsuo festival is an annual event and the city character  "Kappy" is the motif of Katsuo. Not only the Katsuura citizens but also Katsuo fleets of nationwide various places know the contribution made by Mitsumasa's legacy. A monument of Mitsumasa Saito, which was built and donated in 2009, overlooks the Katsuura fishing port or his distinguished service and with appreciation. It was sponsored by the leading group of fisherman's union in each prefecture of Kochi, Miyazaki, Mie and Shizuoka, the Kochi Katsuo Fisheries Cooperative, the Katsuura Fisheries Cooperative as well as by the city of Katsuura. At present, the attraction initiated by Nishikawa has become established in the Katsuura Fisheries Cooperative. The arrival of the Katsuo fishing boats from spring to autumn and the Maguro boats from autumn to spring creates a festive atmosphere in the Katsuura fishing port.

Moreover, we are accepting foreign trainees in preparation for the busy fishing season. In order to learn about the fishery processing industry, the trainees from Asian countries are taking part in each area under the technical intern trainee system. Furthermore, we have been accepting the external training of the regional Support Facilities for Persons with Disabilities for 15 years or more. For those with an intellectual disability participating in this program, there has been positive employment results. "Kizuna bonds between people", a core value of our company is also evident here. The essence of it is to give respect to the tradition and the love of the home province. Nishikawa Co., Ltd. will further progress with keeping such a spirit in our hearts and minds.